Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Conspiracy

In a big society society ,
we form a small community ,
we're nobody ,
our words means a guilty ,
our actions means a guilty ,
because we're minority .

We stayed at KSKB JB ,
to be and become somebody ,
to get a sympathy ,
or even an empathy ,
it is not as easy as ABC ,
because we're minority .

We're here to study ,
not to be bullied ,
to achieve our destiny ,
not to be discriminated ,
but we take it easy ,
just face it .

We're not as good as physiotherapy ,
not as perfect as nursing ,
or as great as occupational therapy ,
because we're minority ,
who are 'WE' ?
we're the 'RADIOGRAPHY' !

Someday we'll be at the top ,
and the conspiracy will stop .

# khas buat teman seperjuangan ku .

p/s : maaf ler , BI teruk giler .
       ni buat saje saje je .
       kalau ade silap ,
       kalau tak sedap ,
       abaikan je ler . XD

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